FDK: Franz Der Kaiser

Inspired by Europe: from the grand streets of Vienna to the rugged Alpen countryside, to the old world of Prague and the fresh seacoasts of Trieste, our brand takes pride in designing and producing a premium assortment of lifestyle accessories. Throughout our range of products and central to our brand story, what we do is founded in this passion. From personal accessories to our home & barware collections – we are inspired by the fine notes of art, culture and classic design – that celebrate the rich heritage, varied traditions and diverse culture of the European experience.

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Our Brand and Products:

Designed and based in Vienna, our products are sourced and produced by Viennese designers alongside the support of a world-wide talent base. We work with a global supply chain of craftsmen, artisans and supporting partners from the Austrian Alps to the rolling hills of Tuscany to the Highlands of Scotland and beyond.

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