In the city's heart, "Franz Der Kaiser" was a beacon of unique treasures. One day, a sign read: "Temporarily Closed." The townsfolk buzzed with curiosity. As winter neared, the lights inside promised new wonders soon to be unveiled.

Leather Billfold Wallet


Black pebbled leather

A timeless essential. This wallet is designed to be lightweight for optimal usability. Crafted from durable full-grain leather and finished with our signature FDK diamond monogram, this wallet is a throwback to classic style and a traditional staple-piece for your daily accessories.


  • Lightweight and soft malleability
  • Large coin carrying case
  • Multiple card holders
  • Carries large Euro (€), U.S. Dollar ($) and British Pound (£) notes
Weight ,2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 9,5 cm


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